Class Up Your Back Yard Parties With a Kegerator

So you’re going to throw a party for your friends and play some drinking games, but want to class it up a bit. Instead of having everyone throw their 6 or 12 packs into the fridge and taking up all your room for snacks, you can provide some other alternatives that take up less room, look better and provide a classy party atmosphere.

Back yard partyOne thing that I find essential for any back yard party is a really good ice chest cooler. There are a lot of really good ones on the market that you can choose from. A really good one will keep your beer colder for a much longer period of time saving you from running out for ice every couple of hours. Even on really hot days a good cooler will keep your beer cold for hours.

corona ice chest coolerMy favorite is the Corona ice chest. It looks great and does an excellent job of keeping your beer at the perfect temperature. It may be a little more expensive than some others out there, but what can I say, the stainless steel tub looks great. You can also find some nice Coleman coolers for around $100 that will do the same thing, but won’t look as good. No matter which one you choose, it will be a good addition to your back yard parties.

mini-kegeratorNow that I’ve gotten older, my friends are more often showing up with mini kegs of beer instead of bringing loose beers or mooching off of me. You can get mini kegs in a few different brands and are a real hit with everyone when they are around. No matter what occasion, having a keg around brings out a party atmosphere. One of my favorite purchases was to get myself a mini kegerator. Mini kegerators keep your beer cool, take up a lot less space and look great. You can find some reviews of mini kegerators and other coolers at the Beverage Cooler Experts.

Why stop there? If your parties are big enough and or you have people over for football or parties regularly you may want to consider getting a real kegerator. If your city has a local brewery you can often purchase full kegs for a fraction of the price of bottles. You can then have a nice cold beer on tap any time you or friends want one. Kegs are not just for bars, if you have the space for a keg cooler you can save some money and have the coolest man den in town.

BrewDemon Signature brew kitIf you prefer bottles or cans or don’t have a local brewery to supply you with a keg, then you may want to consider a beverage cooler. Beverage coolers are great for keeping your main refrigerator clean and clutter-free by keeping all of your beverages in one place. We use ours for all types of drinks for the whole family and always have numerous types of beers and wine on hand for our guests. It is also handy for the times that I brew my own batch of craft beer, which I like to do a few times per year.

I hope this gave you some ideas for your next party or get together. Thanks for reading!